Antifascist Festival of Performing Arts

The Antifascist Festival of Performing Arts was organized in 2013 for the very first time and it is an artists’ initiative with a strong desire to act against the fascist formations that threaten not only the Greek society but the whole Europe as well. Denying that art has nothing to do with the society that creates it, their goal is to create a platform for coordination and action from the people performing arts against the fascistization of society.

Performances and groups, migrant communities, schools and educational groups, music, art and activist collectives rally every year in this initiative. In the 3rd Antifascist Festival of Performing Arts, in March 2015, Generation 2.0 RED was there.

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March 24, 2015 – Program

16.00-18.00 TOPIC: Citizenship for all children
– “Travelling in West Africa polyrhythms” African Percussion workshop | Michael Afolayan, Cultural Art Center of African Anasa
– Mini concert by students of the Cultural Art Center of African Anasa School
– Dancing group by the Community of St. Mauritius

18.00-20.00 Debate “Citizenship, Asylum, Integration – Migration organizations and communities, the second generation”
Coordination: Ada Papaioannou (Generation 2.0)
– Nick Odubitan & Ada Papaioannou (Generation 2.0 RED): «Citizenship and Integration for second generation”
– Yunous Muhamadi (Refugee Forum): “Asylum Policies”
– Addisalem Abebe (African Women Union): “Women, legalization, naturalization”
– Ragasa Joanna (Kasapi and DIWATA), representative of the Ministry of Immigration Policy: “9 Suggestions for the Citizenship Policies”

20.00 Shahid Silan Group of folk dance | Kurdistan Cultural Center
20.30 LIVE Marta Moroleón
21.30 “The every-day life of migrants” | Multi-ALWAN Group
23.30 LIVE Hip-hop night against fascism | Brak- Χνάρια, Lyrical Punishment, Tiny Jackal, Mistah Rude