Announcement for the Exams on Greek Language Competence

The Lifelong Learning Directorate of the General  Secretariat of Lifelong Learning & New Generation, is organizing on Saturday, May 20 2017, the exams of the first semester of 2017 for the certificate of Greek Language competence and Elements of Greek History & Culture for third country nationals and asylum seekers, in order to apply for the long term residence permit.

Who can take the exam?
Every third country national or asylum seeker (NOT European Union citizen) over the age of 16 years old, who is legally residing in Greece.

© Athena Liaskou

Only those who have already the certificate on Greek language competence level A or A2 by the Center of Greek Language (ONLY), can take the exams on the Elements of Greek History & Culture certificate.

Those interested can apply from Monday 3/4/2017 until Wednesday 3/5/2017, at one of the Centers of Submission of Applications.

Documents needed for applying

  1. Application form (submitted online at the Center of Submission of Applications)
  2. One photograph (identity card type)
  3. One photocopy of the passport (the original has to be shown also)
  4. One photocopy of the residence permit OR the certificate of deposit of the documents for residence permit
  5. 50 euro fee (paravolo) for those taking the exam on Greek Language Competence, Greek history & Culture certificate OR 20 euro fee for those taking the exam only on Greek History & Culture certificate – in case they have already the A2 certificate, for which they have to submit also a photocopy

NOTE: From 01/01/2014 and on, the fee (paravolo) is provided online.

How to get the paravolo:

  • At the tax offices, if there are old forms of the fee left
  • Electronically through the application taxisnet, whether through one’s own computer, or through the KEP

For more information, those interested can get information on the site of the General Secretariat of Lifelong Learning & New Generation or calling on 213 131 1655,  213 131 1667,  213 131 1669,  213 131 1678