About us

Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity (Generation 2.0 RED) is a nonprofit organization consisted of young people who fight for the rights of socially vulnerable groups, regardless of their origin, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Our purpose is to promote human rights, equality and diversity, fight racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Our organization has experience in social action, sociological and legal research, project management and cultural events. We participate and collaborate with the greatest human rights networks not only in Greece but also in Europe, always aiming to the equal participation of people (with migrant origins, immigrants, refugees and natives) in the social and political life of the country they live in. Generation 2.0 RED consists of members of the Board, with the major assistance of our volunteers.

We are partners and official members of:

The Generation 2.0 RED organization was founded when the Second Generation, which was operating as an informal group since 2006, and the Institute for Rights, Equality & Diversity (i-RED) joined forces in December 2013. So far we have completed campaigns that led to the right of Greek citizenship for second generation “immigrants”, not only have we increased the services we provide daily for free, but we have participated in festivals and have organized our own events that promote human rights as well. The culmination of all these is the annual multicultural “New Generation Got Game” basketball tournament, which soon became a documentary film and participated to festivals in Greece and abroad.

Facing racism as interdisciplinary phenomenon, we see the world with the existing inequalities and injustices as derivatives of real multiple features and attributes of a person in relation to gender, origin and social status. We emphasize the need to understand, not the kind of racism, but the social processes and interactions that lead to racist attitudes. To achieve these objectives, our team maintains a department dedicated to the issues that young people are facing in Greece and Europe, especially the problems of youth with migrant origins, who were born and/or raised in Greece, but still are not considered equal to Greek citizens, legally or socially. We undertake social and scientific activities for fundamental human and social rights, for equality and respect to diversity, in general.