Acquisition of Greek Citizenship through Naturalization by people under Protection for Humanitarian Reasons

Acquisition of Greek Citizenship through Naturalization by people under Subsidiary Protection or under Protection for Humanitarian Reasons


Third-country nationals who have been granted subsidiary protection or protection for humanitarian reasons and to whom the competent authorities of the Ministry of Citizen Protection have issued a Special Document for a non-recognized refugee of an annual duration (subsidiary protection or humanitarian reasons).

Documents (9)

  1. An exact copy of the naturalization statement. This declaration is submitted to the City of the permanent residence of the person who wishes to be naturalized and signed before the Mayor or an authorized deputy mayor or official, also the presence of two Greek citizens as witnesses is required
  2. Application for naturalization, which is addressed to the Minister of the Interior and submitted to the relevant department of the Decentralized Administration, to which the applicant’s permanent residence belongs. This application is completed (in Greek characters) in all its fields and is signed by the applicant
  3. A recent colored photo
  4. An exact copy of a travel document or other proof of identity
  5. An exact copy of the certificate issued for subsidiary protection or humanitarian reasons protection or the certificate of a family member holding such a record
  6. Birth certificate of the applicant or other equivalent certificate provided according to the legislation of the country of first nationality, officially certified and translated. If born in Greece, the birth certificate is sufficient. In case the applicant cannot provide such a certificate and has been granted subsidiary protection status, the decision of the Minister of Citizen Protection to qualify for subsidiary protection status is sufficient.

If it is possible to find the birth certificate:

  • The birth certificate must have an Apostille stamp if issued in one of the countries participating in the Hague Convention. If it is issued in another country, or in a country that is not a party to the Convention, or is not recognized in Greece (eg Albania, Kosovo etc.), the original document must be certified by the Greek consulate in that country
  • Birth certificates must be translated only by: the translation service of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the relevant Greek consular authority of the issuing country, or a Greek lawyer, or a graduate translator of the Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University and not by translation agencies

7. An exact copy of tax clearance or a copy of the income declaration of the last financial year
8. Social Security Registry Number (ΑMΚΑ)
9. Fee (e-paravolo), in the form of a receipt type A duplicate. The fee is EUR 700 for the application or EUR 200 for the next naturalization application if the first one is rejected

If you wish to print the documents needed, download the PDF file here.