Family Reunification

Family reunification – Child birth in Greece – 2 years

Documents (9)

  1. 4 photos with passport standards
  2. Copy of passport (1st page)
  3. Fee of 150€ or 300€ according to spouse’s permit (from KEP and then paid to the bank)
  4. Fee (paravolo) for the card 16 € (from KEP and then paid to the bank)
  5. Copy of residence permit (of at least a 2 years length)
  6. Certificate of child birth in Greece (until 7/9/2015)
  7. Health insurance same as of spouse
  8. Proof of presence in the country after the birth of the child
  9. House contract /lease of residence printed by taxisnet or private residence agreement or declaration hospitality & house contract of the person who signs the declaration

If you wish to print the documents needed, download the PDF file here.