Exceptional Reasons – Visa

Exceptional Reasons (for holders of an expired visa which has been issued at least 3 years ago) – 2 years

Documents (8)

  1. 4 photos with passport standards
  2. Copy of all the pages of the passport
  3. Photocopy of the expired visa
  4. Fee (paravolo) for 2 years 300€ (from KEP and then paid to the bank)
  5. Fee (paravolo) for the card 16 € (from KEP and then paid to the bank)
  6. House contract /residential lease printed by taxisnet or private lease of residence agreement or declaration hospitality & house contract of the one who signs the declaration
  7. AMKA number
  8. Documents certifying affiliation with the country after the expiry of the visa and until the date of submission of the application


  • Certificates of Greek language courses
  • Certificates/ diplomas of Greek school
  • Copies of tax declarations from previous years
  • Approved documents of insurance (IKA, OGA, TEBE, OAEE)
  • Proof of family relationship with a Greek citizen
  • Certificates diplomas of educational institutions
  • Evidence of bank transactions
  • Notarial acts which were drawn in the presence of the applicant
  • Old copies of residence permits

If you wish to print the documents needed, download the PDF file here.