Exceptional Reasons due to seven year residence in Greece-2 years

Exceptional Reasons due to seven year residence in Greece – 2 years

Documents (6)

  1. 4 photos with passport standards
  2. Photocopy of passport
  3. Fee (paravolo) for 2 years 300 € (from KEP and then paid at the bank)
  4. Fee (paravolo) for the card 16 € (from KEP and then paid to the bank)
  5. Documents which prove constant residence in Greece for 7 years

For instance:

  • Documents which prove attendance in public educational institutions in Greece by the applicant or their offspring
  • Applications for any type or residence status or international protection
  • Copies of rejection decisions regarding applications for acquisition or renewal of residence permits
  • Former residence permits, regardless of the issuing authority
  • Copies of previous tax declarations
  • Copy of fiscal code acquisition (AFIMI)
  • Documents which prove social insurance
  • Health booklets
  • Any type of bills (electricity etc.) in the name of the applicant
  • Bank bills
  • Receipts of international transactions
  • Certification of attendance of Greek language courses
  • Judicial decisions
  • Deportation decisions
  • Copies of previous passports (all the pages)
  • Declarations from the registry office
  • Documents which prove hospitalization
  • Actuarial documents which were composed at the presence of the applicant
  • Excerpt of an offences book kept by a police station

If you wish to print the documents needed, download the PDF file here.