Citizenship Acquisition due to School Attendance in Greece

Citizenship acquisition due to school attendance in Greece

Documents (6)

  1. Application/request for the acquisition of the Greek citizenship
  2. Birth certificate of the applicant or an equivalent document issued in the country of origin, unless you are stateless or you are recognized as a refugee or under subsidiary protection where you just need a copy of the certificate proving that in you are under this scheme
  3. Copy of a valid residence permit
  4. Copy of a valid passport or travel document recognized by Greece, with the exception of third country residents who are objectively deprived of a passport
  5. Certificate of successful completion of either nine grades of primary and secondary education or six secondary school classes in Greek school in Greece which is issued by the competent regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education.
  6. 100 € fee (paravolo)

* If the applicant is an adult and wishes to, they can submit a solemn statement regarding the hellenisation of their name

**It is advised to give priority to the acquisition of the school certificate, since the procedure often lasts for more than 4 months

If you wish to print the documents needed, download the PDF file here.