Citizenship Acquisition due to Birth and School Attendance in Greece

Citizenship acquisition due to birth in Greece and school attendance in Greece

Documents (8)

  1. Application form for the acquisition of the Greek nationality
  2. Clear copy of the child’s birth certificate (with the completion of all the changes that have been made)
  3. Copy of the marriage certificate of the parents, if they are married. In case the child is born before the marriage, the documents about the recognition of the child should be submitted.
  4. Copy of the definite valid residence permit
  5. Certificate of the years of legal residency in Greece, which is published by the responsible agencies (Police, Decentralized Administrations). From that certificate will result the consecutive, legal residency one of the parents for at least 5 years before the child’s birth or the consecutive, 10 year, legal residency of one of the parents in Greece, which begins at least one day before the child is born and is completed after the birth.

This means that at least one of the parents has to have had a residence permit at the time of the child’s birth.

  1. Clear copy of the present parent’s passport with a formal translation , or a travel document which Greece recognizes.
  2. Confirmation of enrollment in the 1st grade of a Greek elementary school (issued by the principal of the school). If the application is submitted after the completion of the 1st grade of elementary school in Greece only the certification of attendance is demanded. This/these certification(s), beginning with the 1st grade, should include all the grades of the elementary and secondary child’s education and the class the child currently attends or is enrolled to by the time its parents submit the application.
  3. Fee (paravolo) of 100 euro

If you wish to print the documents needed, download the PDF file here.